Youth Leadership program has been an ongoing program for 4 years now under the ALM Academy. The Youth Leadership Program will empower each member with key values, practical knowledge, and positive outlook, spirit of Love and Brotherhood and fundamental skills and tools to serve as leaders for the community and humanity.

The program’s goals and objectives

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP) will create a model leadership that will have the ability to serve our youth, our community and humanity at large by focusing on the following points:

  • To Infuse values such as responsibility, teamwork, humility, honesty, ambition and striving for success within ourselves and our youth.
  • To Develop a method that will allow us to seek religious and practical knowledge about the Deen in order to enhance our lives and the lives of others.
  • To Empower ourselves with the spirit of respect, love and brotherhood that will create a Universal Human Culture where there is a strong sense of inclusion, equality, appreciation and cooperation.
  • To Avoid judgmentalism and negativity in our approaches and dealings by being fair and positive.
  • To Learn different skills and tools which will be of benefit for us and for humanity.