Assalamu Alaikum Parents,

Canada is an extremely diverse country. Moreover, Ontario’s acceptance of all is both a blessing and a disadvantage. As Muslims, we need to be able to distinguish between who we are and what is right to our children, without alienating them from their peers and from their communities.

Often times, parents are busy with work, that they overlook reinforcing these differences to their children and their child grows up confused and God forbid, questioning the Islamic ways. With the growing acceptance of the Lesbian Gay Bi Transexual community, and the reinforcement of the public school systems that every person has the right to choose who they are and how they wish to express themselves; parents should begin to reconsider what environment they want their child in. Not only do the public school systems accept all sexualities, but they also allow the child to be exposed to environments that we as Muslims, should be discouraging our children from being in.

On that note, we’d like you to consider the benefits of giving your children an Islamic education. Give your child the gift of knowledge of Islamic Studies, Quran and Arabic.

Teacher @ ALM Academy